Linda Whittemore

Linda Whittemore became an artist to express the world around her. Living on Maui, she spends time in her studio creating the new images that continuously inspire her. The physical beauty of Maui is a never ending source for new creations. There is an honesty about her work that comes through to the viewer.

Linda descended from a multi generational artistic family and has worked in many printmaking styles. Her background training as a painter is apparent in her style, with the abstraction of landscapes coming to mind. She currently works in Viscosity Monotype, although she is trained in the traditional form of intaglio Printmaking

Each piece is original; created first by painting onto a blank piece of plexiglass, using brayers, rollers and brushes. This painted plate is then transferred to the press bed, and a dampened sheet of 100% cotton paper is then placed over the plate. The plate is then run through the press at high pressure, creating the resultant print on the sheet of paper. To create the next piece, the plate must be repainted with an image again making each piece different, an original artwork.

Her works are a story of color and mood, as they reflect our Maui life style. "its all a process, one medium leads to the next. We create from what we know or don't know. My paintings are who I am."


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